Sun March 17

I haven’t posted here for quite a while… How to make you ears bleed 101. but not literally.   But the game is actually pretty good despite the video.   Aaaaaaa I just finished “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”. It is a well written manga, despite it’s title and length. . Hahaha, look at […]

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Bullshit Skill Ch. 2

Originally posted on NinjaNUF:
Hey guys so Finally Chapter 2 is now out. I didn’t expect this to take this long, but thanks to the people who helped me out it came me more time for things I needed to do for school etc. So Thanks you guys. And one thing I hate about translating…

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Mile Chapter 251: Frontier City 1

[Previous] [TOC] [Next] Mile Chapter 251: Frontier City 1 ? ? This is a small city of the frontier, which is very close to the eastern part of the Marein Kingdom. It’s also the border with the neighboring country. Although it is small, there are branches of the Hunter Guild and commercial guilds. It’s still…

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