SAO: Alicization First Impressions/Comparison to LN!!

Who...Am I?

Ohh, boy, I must admit I’m feeling suuuuper hyped right now! Minna-san, I just finished watching the premier episode long overdue season of Sword Art Online, adapting the “Alicization: Beginning” novel, and I must say, it definitely surpassed my expectations as a person who has already gone ahead and read part of the “Project Alicization” light novels. But don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything in this post, but there will be spoilers for the first episode, so watch the episode before reading this review!

Which were quite awful to be honest. The author’s really bad at balancing exposition with action. I dropped it at around the fourth Alicization novel I believe. I wouldn’t recommend reading them.


However, the first episode of the anime really changed my initial expectations of this new season. The anime took the light novel content and made it so much more exciting and dramatic than I…

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