My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero’s – Prologue (Teaser)

Do Machines Dream of Better Translations?

~Dark Assassin~

There was a black-clad shadow almost blending in with the darkness on the slanted roof of a certain building.
A black cloth was wrapped around his neck and the leftover cloth and mantle were fluttering in wind.
As if waiting for something, the shadow kept staring at the roof and didn’t move.

The only ones being able to find the shadow who was blending in with the darkness so well that you wouldn’t notice him even if you were conscious of his existence, would probably be people of the same profession as him.

After a while, as the black-clad shadow stood up while sighing, he lowered his left foot, pulled out the short sword and suddenly took battle posture.
It almost looked like there was nothing at the end of his sight, but at that moment, the air shook and a single man came up.
That man also…

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