Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 First Impressions!

Who...Am I?


Is it even possible to mess it up that badly.

Really. I really want to know, how you can take a perfectly awesome manga and adapt it so terribly.


As you might have inferred, I am not happy with the current state of TG:re. I turned a blind eye to the first season that aired in Spring….but hohoho….this first episode is not something even a dedicated fan of Tokyo Ghoul can defend.

I read the manga, and I still had trouble understanding what was going on.

They basically completely skipped the siege on Aogiri Tree, which means a lot of cool fights were missed. Then the anime tried to clear five to six chapters in a single freaking episode. The result is that Kaneki’s characterization and personality is so inconsistent and a complete mess, and unsatisfactory exposition is dumped into most of the episode.

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