AS Chapter 22~Boss~

Wandering Muse Translation

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Here’s the next chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

The food that Commander Saran prepared for me would last me for about thirty days.

As a result of rationing what I had, I generally roasted monster meat and ate that, but whenever I wanted some carbohydrates like bread, I would take it out and eat it.

However, monster meat was, in a sense, much more delicious than beef, pork, or chicken.

I’m unable to eat the meat of humanoid monsters like goblins even now, but when my rations run out and there weren’t any beast-type monsters, I would most likely eat it.

That’s how humans are.

「…now then, let’s keep going.」

My break was over, I stood up, and moved forward.

I was falsely accused of the murder of Commander Saran, and it’s already been ten days since I went into the dungeon.

Although, there was, of course…

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