Announcement: Collaboration with Arthifis for the Autumn Season

100 Word Anime

Karandi: Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that Arthifis and I have decided to do a little bit of collaborating this Autumn Season so I am happy to announce a new series: “Friendly Talks with Arthifis“. I’m really excited about this project and I can’t wait to get going. Now I’m pretty sure most of you know Arthifis but if you haven’t come across him and you don’t follow his blog, I totally recommend checking it out and following. Not only is he really friendly and writes some great articles, he also shares great advice with the community. Be sure to check it out after reading the rest of this announcement.

Hello everyone! Damn it’s good to be in Karandi’s house! Guys this house is huge! Now I understand how she was able to have 10.000 people wandering about in here in only one month!

However, while…

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