AS Chapter 25~Chimera’s Meat~

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Wandering Muse Translation

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a small treat for you. This is a pretty short chapter and it was by no means on purpose as this was the subsequent chapter. Regardless of the length, I do hope that you enjoy it and I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween.


Within the boss’s room on the sixtieth floor, I jumped up to my feet.

My body felt extremely uncomfortable.

「…there are no injuries.」

The injuries from the fight with the chimera, the injuries from the beatings from the practice with Commander Saran, as well as my aching back and waist that were not accustomed to sleeping on the ground, they were all completely healed.

Because there were no human presences nearby, and I did not sense any magical power coming from my injuries, I understood that it was not a healer casting healing magic on me.

In the first place…

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