Kaoru Chapter 74: Treasure Hunt 3

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Kaoru Chapter 74: Treasure Hunt 3

I and Mr. Vice Captain both have dull eyes.
Apparently, there are no gold bullions or gold coins in this house…
Wait a moment!
A little while ago, how did I set up the detector after I first detected the gold coins in the purse?

Yes, surely it’s 【Target is more than 300 grams of gold】!
Although the price of one gold coin on the earth is rather high, it is equivalent to 25000 yen. (T.N: FUNA-sensei, this is Kaoru series, don’t mistake with Mitsuha series, Kaoru never knew about this price)

And the weight of one gold coin is about 10 grams.
It seems to be slightly heavier than a 500 yen coin, probably 8 to 9 grams.
About as much as a quarter ounce gold coin of the earth?
In other words, it may be increased with…

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