AS Chapter 29~The Hero’s Departure~

Wandering Muse Translation

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〈The conference room within the castle〉

We convened and after a few hours, up to half of the twenty-seven chairs were occupied.

Everyone, after coming to this world, their complexions were always bad, they’ve lost weight and bags could be seen under their eyes.

The ones who were fine was, Ueno-san and I, and within the class, the one whose strength came in second after me was the samurai Asahina Kyousuke-kun.

Though, in regards to Asahina-kun, he has always been a silent and expressionless person, so even if he had poor physical health, I wouldn’t know.

When we were in Japan, I had almost never seen him talk, he was a mysterious guy.

The only one that he got along with in our class was Akira, and even though Akira was talking normally, he could be seen inserting a word…

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