AS Chapter 30~Family~

Wandering Muse Translation

Happy Monday!

Here’s the next chapter, and it’s a longer chapter, so I hope you enjoy it.

『…oniichan, where are you? Hurry and come back. Please! I won’t say anymore selfish things, and I will also help out around the house!!』

『…really, that person is good, all the men around me left…cough cough!』

My younger sister and mother were looking for me in worry.

It had also been a very long time since I saw their faces.

Had my mother’s face become more and more haggard again?

…aah, I want to go back.

I want to go back.

If it was for the sake of going on back, I will do whatever it takes.

「…a dream, huh. It was quite the realistic dream.」

「…ah! Akira, you woke up? Food, not ready?」

At the soft voice that came from right next to me, I reflexively lowered my eyes.


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