AS Chapter 31~World’s Strongest~

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Amelia, moved surprisingly well.

Because she was royalty, I had thought for sure that she would scream and run around trying to escape, but it seems that I had been underestimating Amelia quite a bit.

「Amelia, three of them went that way.」

「Nn. No problem. 『Gravity』.」

She crushed those three in one go with gravitational magic.

She happily crushed the monsters that looked like large rats with a splat.


「Because they didn’t seem like they would taste good.」

「No, I’m not angry or anything.」

As I looked at her, Amelia, who averted her eyes and was pouting, had a beaming look on her face when I said those few words.

As usual, it’s easy to understand her, it was the best.

「Right now, which floor are we on?」

「It’s the…

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