Taru Chapter 16: Mercenary VS Mercenary (PVP)

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Taru[Previous] | [Table of Content] | [Next] The beautiful silver hair girl in 2 picture is Arnice from Night of Azure

Non-Picture Version


Taru Chapter 16: Mercenary VS Mercenary (PVP)

The attack paused for a while…

As Kouya said, we could grasp the approximate position from the direction the arrow flew, however, if we run toward there, we will be aimed at.

『Should we get underwater?』(Taru) Taru Icon

I wonder if we can hide.

『Do not do it』(Yuuki)

Yuuki instantly rejects my measure.

『Even underwater, the other party seems to already know our position.
Water can reduce the power of the arrow, but if we keep getting hit by it, the damage will accumulate.
Also, if everyone except Kouya comes in contact with water, we won’t be able to move easily.
We can’t afford to keep dragging』(Yuuki)

『Besides, they might have blue magic skills like me.
Which means he can…

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