Taru Chapter 17: Clan War

Taru[Previous]     |     [Table of Content]     |     [Next] T.N: First of all, I’m sorry for taking so long.

GUST.co.ltd really release 3 games of Atelier of Arland DX at a rather bad time.

My release speed will be way slower than normal.

Taru Chapter 17: Clan War

『Do you really have the main weapon of Yukio, the deputy head of the《Hundred Demons of the night》?』(Yurachi)

Yurachi-san, after losing her weapon and now knowing she has a chance to get it back, she grasps Kouya’s shoulder and asks so.

After fighting in the《The Sinking Prairie》
we decided to join Yurachi-san to say a good news to surprise her at once.

『It was Taru who got Yukio’s weapon dropped』(Kouya)

And when Kouya mentions me, Yurachi is stunned with 《Eh…》

As Yurachi quit the PT because of me, it would have been uncomfortable for her to know…

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