AS Chapter 37~Dragon 2~

Wandering Muse Translation

Happy Wednesday!

There are three parts to this, here’s the second. I hope you enjoy.

Stabbing at the dragon’s throat with ‘Yatonokami’, I had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling.

「!!! Akira! Get away from there!!!」



Amelia’s warning was too late, I received a direct hit from the dragon at point-blank range.

And with terrifying power, I was blown away, as if I was dust.


Screaming, Amelia’s voice could be heard from far away.

And, my back hurt so much.

Most likely, I crashed into the wall of the boss room due to the impact of the dragon’s fall and the attack.

The good thing was, ‘Yatonokami’, which was grasped in my right hand, was without a single scratch, shining darkly as if I had just drawn it out.

There was something on the sword blade that looked like it was dragon blood.

Just as I got…

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