AS Chapter 52~Truth~

Wandering Muse Translation

Happy Monday!

Remember how I said that I would split this chapter into two parts? Well, I thought about it and because this chapter explains a lot of things, I decided against it and just released the entire chapter because it would be too cruel to split it. I know a lot of you will be happy that it’s so long, so I hope you enjoy.

By the way, the next chapter is actually really short, so look forward to that. Also, I have changed ‘institution’ (as in the institution that twins were a sign of calamity) into ‘superstition’ and I have already changed it on the other chapter as well.

There was an intense impact.

Because my shadow magic was swallowing up the raging wind bestowment magic, there were few injuries so far, otherwise, it would not just be a few elves flying away.

Amelia, who didn’t know what…

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