Mile Chapter 279: Return to Mafan, the small border city

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Mile Chapter 279: Return to Mafan, the small town near the border

After the festival, the merchant leader came to the escort group,
He asked to extend their stay

『The purchase of iron products has returned to normal.
Even though we could only buy half the amount, we can still buy it at the same price as before.
So, I would like to postpone the return day to after tomorrow…』(Merchant)

Even though the hunters have nothing to do, they can’t afford to do any request as they are too far from the town.
Besides, when their staying time is extended, they will get compensation later.
So, the hunter escort team happily accept it.

And the next day, the merchants went around the village to purchase.
《Red Oath》also went out for sightseeing around the village,
Especially Mile, she visited the Smith, Ale breweries,
She also interviewed the dwarf girls.


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