If you guys don’t know yet, I’m an idol otaku. I love jpop.

I also happen to like rhythm games.

So when my friends or people around me play music and start to sing along, I have no idea what’s going on.

And when they ask what I listen to or what is my favorite band/singer/artist is, it’s quite hard for me to answer it. (I live in the States if you didn’t already know.)

If you wanted to know, my favorites are SutoPuri (Strawberry Prince), Utaite, After the Rain (although the two members of it are part of Utaite), Tsukino (there is also an anime of it), UtaPri (also anime adaptation), and I7 Idolish7).

SutoPuri did a live with HoneyWorks.

They are also in NicoNicoDouga.

Utaite is also? (I don’t use niconicoD.)

There are rhythm games of Tsukino (called TsukiPara), UtaPri (called UtanoPrince-sama) and Idolish7.

I better stop or I might write a whole freaking essay…

Here’s a drawing:


I drew this for my friend in the hospital (for one week now. I hope he gets better soon.). His appendix got ruptured.

And I hope he doesn’t find this…

Nobody I know irl knows about this…

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  1. I’m a huge utaite and After the Rain fan too! I feel your pain as I’m from the UK, so whenever anyone asks what I’m into, I find it hard to answer too.

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