Friday Dec. 14

I tried shoujo manga style eyes. Hehe. My Chinese class is crazy AF. I’m serious. The teacher is in the halls doing a speaking quiz so it is so effin loud in here. They are all monkeys. (Not all, but you get it) They are on their phones, blowing kazoos, playing inappropriate music on the […]

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AS Chapter 37~Dragon 2~

Originally posted on Wandering Muse Translation:
Happy Wednesday! There are three parts to this, here’s the second. I hope you enjoy. Stabbing at the dragon’s throat with ‘Yatonokami’, I had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling. 「!!! Akira! Get away from there!!!」 『Guruaaaaaaa!!!』 「…tsk!」 Amelia’s warning was too late, I received a direct hit from…

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Taru Chapter 17: Clan War

[Previous]     |     [Table of Content]     |     [Next] T.N: First of all, I’m sorry for taking so long. really release 3 games of Atelier of Arland DX at a rather bad time. My release speed will be way slower than normal. Taru Chapter 17: Clan War ? ? 『Do you really…

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Taru Chapter 16: Mercenary VS Mercenary (PVP)

[Previous] | [Table of Content] | [Next] The beautiful silver hair girl in 2 picture is Arnice from Night of Azure Non-Picture Version Taru Chapter 16: Mercenary VS Mercenary (PVP) ? ? The attack paused for a while… As Kouya said, we could grasp the approximate position from the direction the arrow flew, however, if…

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[SAO v18] Volume complete

Originally posted on Team Defan:
Volume 18 has been completely translated. This WordPress release is synchronized with a PDF release on the SAO archive. In the following days I will release a status update clarifying my next steps with SAO and other projects. Click here to read all chapters of Volume 18. As always, comments are…

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